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See all your security
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“Earning a Board’s trust doesn’t come from telling them how many alerts you have or how busy you are, it comes from showing them an honest reflection of your security maturity against an industry valued framework. Procordr allows me to do that. ”
Amy Lemberger, Group Risk and Governance Director, Gamma Telecom Limited
“Security maturity is a never ending continuous journey. To thrive one needs to be aware of the facts, including position and direction of travel.”
Denis Onuoha, CISO, Arqiva
"Measuring maturity in a consistent way and on a regular timescale is critical to ensure you are treading the right path as a CISO and a team."
Shan Lee, CISO, Transferwise
“Procordr offers a wide range of sophisticated services, including security assessments, pulse checks, and other security options that guide Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers in their executive reporting and decision making.”
Ben Younkman, Regional Director Europe, Village Capital
"In the context of cyber security, maturity models can help to distinguish between organisations in which security is baked in and those in which it is merely bolted on."
“I’m a fan of security maturity to illustrate the security journey, while making the point that there is no end state - continuous improvement underpins everything.”
Alan Jenkins, CISO-in-Residence, CyLon

Procordr provides a relevant, real time overview of the maturity of people, process and technology. Our customers can continually refine strategy, provide clear reporting, easier resources planning and building of culture.

With cybersecurity now a core part of building and defending organisational value, companies need to align strategy, assets and resourcing to business objectives. In today’s fast-transforming digital environment, this is across an increasing network of corporate silos.

This means understanding the security maturity level of every human, procedural and technology asset, mapped against target operating models.

Currently, costly manual audits take place, leading to reactive strategies, inaccurate budgeting and poor culture. Ultimately, errors are compounded, risk increases and teams burn out.

A new way to gather and analyse maturity data

Procordr automates this entire process, providing a real-time view of the security maturity of every asset in the organisation. It does this with a unique distributed data collection method, backed up with a machine learning engine designed to help automate tactical decisions.