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What's the typical 'day in the life' of a Security leader?

One minute you are expected to be a strategic thinker, contributing to the business's long-term future. The next, you are dealing with a ransomware attack. Sandwiched between questions from IT on costs and being chased on the latest maturity assessment.

All this, in a seemingly never-ending repeating cycle, when all you want is to take control of all the moving parts.

This is why we created Procordr.

Discover how Procordr have taken this multi-layered and complex world to make it work for you. We've broken the business of doing security into four easy to manage areas giving a never seen before understanding.

Procordr gives you control, helps you truly understand and manage costs, whilst keeping you connected to all the moving parts and people you come into contact with, ultimately deepening your security posture beyond mere compliance.

​ Procordr helps you steer your Security strategy, from initial guiding ​principles to the creation of roadmaps through to ​individual tasks​.

Procordr captures all your costs and allows you to map them to individual controls giving you detailed cost/benefit insight.

Procordr offers a real time visual dashboard to illustrate the security journey of your company, allowing you to communicate effectively to Board, Executives, Management and staff alike​.

Procordr is the single place to keep security data: controls, people, maturity, risk and ​ costs. The areas to improve become clear and help you with changing demands, keeping compliant ​and following recommended guidelines ​

See all your security in one placeLet one of our experts spend some time showing you what we can do for you and your company with a personalised demonstration.​