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Putting the CISO at the heart of strategy with ongoing maturity data

We automate the collection and real-time analysis of security maturity data of an organisation’s people, process and technology assets. This is done with a proprietary tool that reduces data collection from months to hours and removes expensive human resource outlay

The data is then applied to dynamic business models and mapped against factors such as cost, organisational structure, planned transformation and other business objectives. Machine learning models are applied to proactively flag potential efficiencies which increase maturity

For the first time, this gives CISOs a live picture of the status of all the elements in their organisation contributing to risk. It allows them to step back and make decisions about these assets and ensure continual improvement

This gives CISOs the big picture view they need, freeing them to plan proactively, report simply, save cost and focus on building team culture

Procordr is cloud-based and quick to deploy. The UX gives senior security leaders the information they need in business language, quantifying and categorising risk financially and plotting it onto organisational charts and business models

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